Review: Modeling Masks - Lindsay Charcoal Modeling Mask vs Shangpree Gold Modeling Mask

I recently got this Lindsay Charcoal Modeling Mask and was excited to try it out. I love rubber masks and this brand was one of the first that I had discovered but had yet to try. 

What's a Rubber aka Modeling Mask?

You can think of these modeling masks as a next gen sheet mask. Instead of a piece of cotton or hydrogel soaked in serum that you put on your face, modeling masks are a kind of gelatinous material that you apply to your skin. As it dries, it starts to congeal creating a kind of seal on the face. Usually these masks also contain actives, serums, etc that are good for your skin and the rubber "seal" helps to force feed the nutrients into your skin. 

Sheet masks allow for evaporation to occur. 

Different Types of Modeling Masks

I've only seen two. One is the Lindsay Modeling Mask type which is a powder that you mix with water. This becomes a thick paste which you apply to your face.

The other is by the brand Shangpree which comes in a liquid form that you mix with a powder. 

Convenience and Packaging

This modeling mask gets an A for convenience. I love how it comes in its own plastic disposable cup with its own spatula/water measuring spoon. 

The Shangpree modeling mask comes with a separate bowl and spatula that you need to purchase making it less convenient. There are also 2 pouches - 1 with a liquid gel and 1 with a powder that you need to mix together.

Mix and Application

It was easy enough to mix in 7 spoonfuls of water and mix the Lindsay Charcoal Modeling Mask. I took a few photos after I mixed but I didn't take up that much time. However, when I started applying it the mask had already congealed giving it a cottage cheese-like texture.

I definitely preferred the Shangpree Gold Modeling Mask since you don't have to rush as much to apply. It also felt more moisturizing and cooling to the skin.

Peeling Off the Mask

I couldn't peel the Lindsay Charcoal Modeling Mask off in one piece and it came off in chunks. Parts were dry and parts were still a bit damp so it wasn't coming off easily. I ended up with a mess with pieces still on my skin which I eventually had to wash off with water.  

Also, the mask feels dry. I was under the impression the mask would be more hydrating with serums and essences infusing my skin. 

This is where the Shangpree mask was far superior. The Shangpree Gold Modeling Mask has a "wet" feel to it so when you peel the  mask off your skin feels moisturized and hydrated, not dry like the Lindsay Charcoal Mask 


I didn't prefer the Lindsay Charcoal Modeling Mask at all. It wins points for convenience but otherwise the Shangpree Gold Modeling Mask is much better.

You can get the Lindsay Charcoal Modeing Mask here

You can also get the Shangpree Gold Modeling Mask here.